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Junior Cycle Students:
School fees for 2024/2025 academic year is €60 per student. This covers costs associated with:
  • student locker
  • student journal
  • cost of photocopying
  • costs of extra curricular activities
  • buses for trips out,
  • standardised testing
  • communication from the school.
Books and classroom resources are provided free of charge under the Department of Education and Skills Junior Cycle Schoolbooks Scheme. However, books must be returned to the school, in good condition, at the end of 3rd year.

Senior Cycle Students:

School fees for 2024/2025 academic year is €150 per student and €100 for every child thereafter.
This covers costs associated with:
  • Book Rental
  • student locker
  • student journal
  • cost of photocopying
  • costs of extra curricular activities
  • buses for trips out
  • communication from the school

Books must be returned to the school, in good condition, at the end of 6th year.

The following information is intended to create a happy environment for all members of the School Community

Attendance & Punctuality

“Every day counts in a Childs life”

Killarney Community College wants you to achieve your full potential, in accordance with your ability. For you to succeed, you must attend school on a regular basis, and do your study and assignments as directed by your teachers. It is important that Students and Parents are aware that the College is under a legal obligation to inform the National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB) in the event that a student is absent for more than 20 days in a School year.


  • If for any reason a student must leave the College premises during school time an Absentee Note must be submitted through the School App. The student informs his/her subject teacher that he/she is leaving early and proceeds to the main office to be approved to sign out. The School Office is closed from 12:45pm to 2pm so your student must sign out outside of these times. Parents do not need to ring the school if they have submitted the Absentee Note on the App. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE SCHOOL IF THERE IS NO NOTE ON THE APP. Parents do not need to collect their student in the office, they may walk out to meet their parent themselves.
  • It is considered a serious offence if a student leaves school without permission, and without notifying the office.
  • In the event of a student feeling unwell, home may be contacted through the office. A student is not allowed to use their mobile phone to contact home.


Full Days Absence

Absentee Note must be submitted by parent/guardian on the morning of the student’s return to school through the Absentee Note feature of the App. The feature allows you to attach an image of a Doctor’s note but this is optional.

Partial Day Absence - Arrival to school after an appointment or leaving school for an appointment

Absentee note must be submitted by parent/guardian on the morning of the student’s partial absence from school through the Absentee Note feature of the App.

School Uniform

The purpose of the school uniform is to ensure equity and have uniformity of dress amongst the student body. All students are asked to wear the full uniform at all times. Students are advised to purchase a second full uniform in September.

The school jacket is mandatory for ALL students and is the only jacket students are allowed to wear to school. Uniform for All Students: College Jumper, grey shirt, grey trousers, or alternative skirt (to the knee) for girls. SHOES: Students must also wear black shoes/black sneakers (all black including soles, no other logo, colour or stripe).

PE Gear: All students are required to wear a black tracksuit bottoms/shorts and a white polo shirt with college logo. Students are required to wear the College jacket when on trips out.

Use of the Journal

This Journal is compulsory and must be in the students possession at all times.

  • It is an important document and must be used for recording homework.
  • This Journal must be signed and dated by the teacher if a student leaves the class for any reason.
  • The journal is to be used for late/uniform stamps and messages to/from home.
  • Class tutors and subject teachers will check this journal regularly to ensure it is neat and homework is recorded accurately.
  • Parents are requested to sign the journal once a week to monitor their child’s progress.
  • If a student mislays this journal he / she must report the loss to their Tutor. The tutor will arrange for the purchase of a new College Journal.

School Canteen/Eating Habits

The College canteen is open in the morning from 8:30am until 8:45am. Students can avail of breakfast (toast, cereal, fruit & tea) before starting the school day. The canteen opens at 10:50-11:05am for small break and 1:05-1:45 pm for lunch break.

Electronic Gadgets, jewellery and other possessions

Students are strongly advised to keep money in their possession at all times and to leave valuables at home. Jewellery and electronic gadgets of any kind (ie ear phones, MP3 players etc) will be confiscated & the same sanction as usage of mobile phones will apply. The college does not accept any responsibility for any item lost, stolen or damaged.

Mobile Phones

Where mobile phones are necessary, students are expected to have them switched off at all times and out of sight during the school day except during small break and lunch break. The use of video/camera phones is totally prohibited and a serious sanction will apply.

In line with Children First Act 2015 and most recent Health and Wellbeing best practice, the sharing of explicit images with phones or any other device, is an unacceptable and absolutely prohibited behaviour with serious consequences and sanctions for those involved. The college does not accept any responsibility for any phone lost, stolen or damaged.

Outside of these times the phone may be confiscated (1st offence for 24 hours, 2nd offence for 48 hours and 3rd offence for 72 hours).


These are supplied for students use and may be rented from the College. Students must provide their own lock & key. It is at the discretion of the Year Head how the lockers are allocated.

School Transport

We would ask parents/guardians to encourage their child(ren) to be safety conscious while queuing for, travelling on, and alighting from the bus. Good behaviour is expected at all times.

Car Parking

The parking at the front of the College is reserved for school staff. Students who drive to school are asked to park at the back of the building. All vehicles must observe the 5kph speed limit on College grounds. Students who drive to school MUST hold a full driving license and furnish the college with an up-to-date copy of their tax and insurance. No student will be given permission to travel in another students car.

Use of Toilets

We encourage students to only use the toilets before school starts in the morning and during breaks. Frequent trips to the toilet may cause disruption. There is a section in this Journal where an entry is to be made when a student requests to leave the class for this reason. Loitering is not permitted and the toilets are to be kept in good condition.


Students (boys and girls) are allowed to wear discreet jewellery. Students will be asked to remove excessive jewellery. Refusal to do so will be considered defiance of Code of Behaviour.


Parents/Guardians should be aware that students may have their photographs taken occasionally and these will be used for school publications only. The school uses individual photos for student monitoring purposes. Please contact the College should you wish for your child’s photograph NOT to be taken.

Make up

Make up should be kept to a minimum and worn discretely. Students may be asked to remove excessive make up.


Extreme hair cuts or colours are not permitted. Students will be asked to rectify any hair styles deemed extreme by school management.

Computer Usage

The students of Killarney Community College have access to the computer rooms when accompanied by a teacher. On entering the rooms and logging onto the system each user is agreeing to the following:

  • I will ask permission before using the Internet
  • I will use only my own network logon and password that I will keep secret
  • I will not look at or delete other peoples files
  • If I see anything I am unhappy with or if I receive messages I do not like I will tell a teacher immediately
  • I understand that the school may check my computer files and the Internet sites I visit
  • I understand that if I deliberately break these rules I may not be allowed to use the Internet or computers.

Out of Bounds

To ensure adequate supervision occurs at break times students may only access certain areas of the college grounds. Out of bounds areas will be specified by the college.

Chewing Gum

Gum is prohibited as it potentially destroys furniture, carpet, shoes, clothes and hair.

Green Schools

The Green Schools Committee are presently working towards getting our next Green Flag. This is a whole school endeavour.

Amber Flag

The College has been awarded the Amber Flag for promoting positive mental health in the school.


In accordance with the Education (Welfare) Act, 2000 and the Code of Behaviour issued by the National Educational Welfare Board (NEWB), the board of management of Killarney Community College has adopted an Anti Bullying Policy within the framework of the school’s overall Code of Behaviour. This policy fully complies with the requirements of the Anti Bullying Procedures for Primary and Post Primary Schools which was published in September 2013.

All school partners are encouraged to be familiar with these procedures. Copies are available in the Policies section of this website.

Base Groups

Base groups are structured cooperative learning groups which your child will be placed into when they come into 1st year. These groups provide academic and social support for each other and are strengthened by mentors, which are senior students assigned to a base group.

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