School Self Evaluation

Experience and research in Ireland and in many countries show us that some of the most beneficial changes in schools occur when the principal, teachers and wider school community collaborate in a focussed way to improve how they teach and assess students’ learning. In Killarney community College we ask questions of ourselves about how teaching takes place and how well students are learning, All teachers can readily identify what needs to change within the school to get better outcomes for their students.

When engaging in school self-evaluation, Killarney Community College teachers engaged in a process that enabled them to reflect on the schools aims, consider criteria for success within our own context and ethos, and determine appropriate methods for judging the quality of educational provision for the students in our school. It is an evidence-based approach which involves gathering data from a range of sources and making judgements with a view to bringing about improvements in pupils’ learning.

In the academic year 2012/13, the staff worked on a whole school approach to numeracy with a focus on first year attainment on specific mathematical concepts.