Principal and Staff

Acting Principal - Ms. Stella Loughnane
Acting Deputy Principal - Ms. Eilish O'Leary

Ms. O. Brosnan - Home Economics, Biology
Mr. C. Gallagher - Home School Liasion Officer
Ms. L. Cosgrave - Engligh and Resource
Ms. L. Crowley - Maths
Ms. B. Fitzgerald - Irish, Geography
Ms. M. Fuller - English and Resource
Ms. T. O'Shea - English, 

Ms. D. Healy - Business, IT, PLC
Ms. M. Hegarty - Maths
Ms. J. Hughes - Music
Ms. M. Humphries - Engligh
Ms. M. Keane - Home Economics
Mr. J. Keane - Irish, Geography, PLC Co-Ordinator, Adult Education
Ms. S. Keane - English, Resource
Ms. M. Kissane - Maths, Geography
Mr. M. Lynch - Maths, PE
Ms. S. Mac Sweeney - Irish, Maths
Ms. L. Mulligan - Maths, PE
Ms. M. Mahony - Art
Ms. K. McCarthy - IT, LCVP, Business, TY Co-ordinator
Ms. J. McGillicuddy - Spanish
Ms. S. O'Brien - Irish, History
Mr. S. O'Connell - Science, Physics, Chemistry
Ms. E. Fitzgerald - Irish
Ms. C. O'Neill - French
Mr. B. O'Reilly - PE, English
Ms. M. O'Riordan - English, History
Mr. A. O'Sullivan - TG, Woodwork, Construction
Mr. D. O'Sullivan - Woodwork, DCG, Construction
Ms. D. O'Sullivan - Geography, CSPE

Mr. B. Hehir - English,

Ms. M. McKenna - Business

Ms. D. Keane - Home Economics

Mr. J. O'Sullivan - Metalwork, Engineering
Ms. M. O'Sullivan - Special Needs, Geography
Ms. M. Spillane - Science, Biology, Chemistry
Ms. C. Sheehy - Guidance
Ms. L. Elbel - SNA
Ms. D. Fleming - SNA
Ms. D. Duggan- SNA

Mr. A. Murphy - SNA
Mr. K. Woesner - SNA