Life’s a Surf for Killarney Community College Students!

Transition Year students kicked off their year of Tuesday activities on 5th September with Surfing at Inch beach with the Offshore Surf school. Instructors Kieran and Steve taught the students the skills and techniques necessary to stand up on the surf board. According to student Aisling Coughlan “it was a fun activity to begin the year because I got to enjoy it with my friends and I improved my surfing skills”. Transition Year co-ordinator Ms. Kerri McCarthy said “Surfing is one of the highlights of their activities calendar which the students really enjoy, it is a wonderful activity at the beginning of the school year because students get to know one another and lifelong friendships begin”. A superb day was had by all the students. Please click on our school Facebook page for more pictures from the day.

Picture: Brian Kelleher, Lucia Delgado, Paula Genis, Emma Lynch, Paulina Kovalewska,